AGV & AMR Gearbox

May 30, 2022
AGV & AMR Gearbox
AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) or AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are robotics which help us to handle material automatically within factories or warehouses and to optimize productivity. They are regarded as the last mile in the realization of the smart factory.

AGVs have changed from simply transport loads and materials in the early days to becoming more and more intelligent, capable of autonomous navigation and highly flexible AMRs, which not only speed up, but also improve positioning accuracy and have a wider range of applications. However, lower cost, more compact design but higher power output are required. So the performance of gearbox becomes particularly important in response to the above requirements. Sesame Motor comes up with a series of planetary gearboxes specifically developed for these robotics. The PGV planetary speed reducer series directly connect the motor and the drive wheel, and provides solutions for the drive unit. Compact design with high torque density, high precision, high radial load and high rigidity allow AGVs and AMRs to move quietly and smoothly in various occasions. Ratios from 3:1 up to 100:1. Lifetime lubricant and maintenance-free features provide excellent reliability in continuous operation. Customized solutions are available such as low temperature environment. The PGV planetary gearbox is a cost-effective choice for AGVs and AMRs manufacturers that want to remain competitive in a fast-changing market.

Frame Size (mm): 60/90/115
Nominal Output Torque (Nm): 32-280
Ratio: 3-100:1
Backlash (arcmin): 7-12 (one stage), 9-15 (two stages)
Torsional Rigidity (Nm/arcmin): 7-55
Max. Radial Load (N): 1510-7100

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