Planetary Gearboxes - Special Designs

Planetary Gearboxes for AGVs & AMRs

AGVs & AMRs Gearboxes

AGVs & AMRs Gearboxes

High Loading Capacity & Reliability

The function of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is to transport material and operate continuously. The specific structure and mechanical requirements are extremely high due to their work loading and long term operation. SESAME planetary gearbox PGV series provide the most suitable solution for the drive module of AGV and AMR.

Compact design and reliable performance in precision, high loading capacity and efficiency benefit AGVs and AMRs to move smoothly while carrying the maximum weight. Quality power transmission components and service-life lubricant further reduce downtime and production costs as well.
Designed for AGVs and AMRs driving units
Direct mounting of motor and wheel to save installation space
Low backlash, low noise, high efficiency, 
One-piece planet carrier/output shaft, high rigidity and radial load capacity 
One-piece ring gear/housing, high precision and torque output
IP65 enclosure and synthetic lubricant, maintenance-free service life
Customized bracket for all servo motors and DC motors
Frame size (mm): 60, 90, 115
Ratio: 3-100:1
Nominal input speed (rpm): 3500-4500
Max. input speed (rpm): 6500-7500
Backlash (arcmin): 7-12 single stage, 9-15 two stages
Noise level (dBA/1m): 58-63
Enclosure: IP65
Lubrication: service life synthetic lubricant