Higher & Bigger, Frame Size > 300 mm

June 01, 2022
Higher & Bigger, Frame Size > 300 mm
The mainstream frame size of the servo planetary gearbox is about 220 mm at most currently. Some industrial markets such as marine, bulk materials, energy, plastic and rubber require larger gearboxes, which are significantly different in application and manufacture comparing with the medium or small size ones. Although there are products available in the market, their main function is to increase motor output torque, and cannot provide features such as low backlash and low noise.

For the needs of this junction, Sesame Motor provides a solution with high output torque and also meet the user's requirements for accuracy. SESAME ultra high rigidity planetary gearboxes have been widely used in rubber machinery, large-scale gantry machine tools, horizontal boring and milling machines. Allows users to balance rigidity and precision without compromise.

Specifications and catalogue download:
Output shaft PGHA & PGHX
Right Angle PGRHX