Planetary Gearboxes - Special Designs

Customized Gearbox, High Loading Capacity

Custom designed right angle planetary gearbox used for plastic injection molding machinery. High output torque, high stiffness, low backlash, low noise. Service life lubricant, maintenance free.
Rotary Shoe Injection Machinery Gearbox

Rotary Shoe Injection Machinery Gearbox

A special designed gearbox for a specific application, the collaboration started with research and development much earlier than procurement. Sesame is working with a shoe making machinery manufacturer to optimum injection molding quality and efficiency. The success of this project relies on the planetary gearbox performance in precision positioning, high output torque, high stiffness and torsional rigidity.
Special designed for plastic shoe injection molding machinery
One-piece planet carrier/output shaft, high rigidity and radial load capacity 
One-piece ring gear/housing, high precision and torque output
Service life synthetic lubricant, maintenance-free
Frame size (mm): 300
Ratio: 100:1
Nominal input speed (rpm): 2000
Backlash (arcmin): 3-7
Nominal Output Torque (Nm): >10000
Torsional Rigidity (Nm/arcmin): >1800
Lubrication: service life synthetic lubricant

If you are working on a special project or application, where a standard product just does not cut it, contact Sesame to find out what we can deliver for your business.