AC Gear Motors

Flange Mounted Gear Motors

  • Impact size and structure with precision gear process ensure low vibration and noise
  • Aluminum housing benefits heat diffusion
  • Output 100W (1/8HP) ~ 2200W (3HP)
  • Wide range of application with brake and various AC power supply options
  • Thermo switch available (optional)
  • CE (EMC & LVD), UL, CCC certified

Output 100W-200W

Flange Mounted Gear Motors Specifications

G11V100, Output 100W (1/8 HP)

G12V100, Output 100W (1/4 HP)

G11V200, Output 200W (1/4 HP)

G12V200, Output 200W (1/4 HP)

G13V200, Output 200W (1/4 HP)

Output 400W-750W

Flange Mounted Gear Motors Specifications

G12V400, Output 400W (1/2 HP)

G13V400, Output 400W (1/2 HP)

G14V400, Output 400W (1/2 HP)

G13V750, Output 750W (1 HP)

G14V750, Output 750W (1 HP)

G15V750, Output 750W (1 HP)

Output 1.5kW-2.2W

Flange Mounted Gear Motors Specifications

G14V1500, Output 1.5kW (2 HP)

G15V1500, Output 1.5kW (2 HP)

G14V2200, Output 2.2kW (3 HP)

G15V2200, Output 2.2 kW (3 HP)