Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

September 21, 2021
Spiral Bevel Gearboxes
Speed reducers are indispensable power transmission components in the automation and machine tool. The application range is quite wide in industry. Among different types of speed reducer, the gear reducers can almost be seen in the transmission system of all kinds of machinery. In recent years, a new type of right-angle gear reducer has emerged in response to complex automation requirements, that is, the multi-output shafts spiral bevel gearboxes.

Different from the traditional single-output right-angle speed reducers, multiple output shafts spiral bevel gearboxes have 1 to 3 output shafts. They are commonly used in double lead screws propulsion systems to push and position objects with a single servo motor. In addition to increasing the stability of the system, it can also help to reduce numbers of servo motors and controllers, greatly reducing the cost and difficulty of system planning.

Sesame Motor PT series spiral bevel gearboxes are specially designed for servo transmission, with high rigidity and high output torque characteristics. By means of Sesame Motor's 30 years experience accumulation of gear design and manufacturing, a powerful Know-How, PT series spiral bevel gearboxes are launched with ultra-precision backlash and almost no transmission error. The rigidity is maximized under limited dimensions and there is no falseness at the moment of starting and stopping. The PT series spiral bevel gearboxes feature high response, small oscillation and no need to compensate through the servo system. Increased flexibility and utilize versatility with complete frame size choices, solid or hollow input shafts, two-sided solid or hollow output shafts. Multi-output shafts spiral bevel gearboxes are widely used in the semiconductor industry. They enables engineers to optimize applications in automatic control eras and realization of Industry 4.0.

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