Planetary Gearboxes on Gantry Machine Centers

Ultra-high rigidity and ultra-high torque planetary gearboxes application

In the machine tool industry, we have an application example of ultra-high rigidity and ultra-high torque planetary gearboxes. A customer who specializes in manufacturing large-scale gantry machine tools originally used planetary gearboxes offered by an internationally renowned brand, but due to price and lead-time considerations, the user took alternatives. Unexpectedly, due to the insufficient rigidity of the substitute and the excessive load inertia, the problem of inaccurate positioning occurred. Finally, they contacted Sesame. After repeated discussions and meetings, and on-site visits to realize how the planetary gearboxes work on large-scale gantry machine centers, we designed and produced gearboxes with high torque, high rigidity, and low backlash features for the application. To solve the troubles in connect with cost and delivery at the same time.

With 30 years of experience and expanded production scale, we can assist in selecting the best part for your need and customization to your exact specifications from basic power transmission to high dynamic motion and precise control.