Precision Type

PGR Series
PGR series right angle planetary gearhead overall designs are suitable for combination operation with servo motor in high-speed input and achieve maximum torque output. Right angular design drastically reduces installation space. Precision gear design and gear processing create a planetary gearhead with low backlash operation, low noise, high efficiency and long service life performances.

• Frame size (mm): 42, 60, 90, 115, 142
• Ratio: 3-100:1
• Nominal input speed (rpm): 2000-3000
• Max. input speed (rpm): 4000-6000
• Backlash (arcmin): 4-12 single stage, 6-15 two stages
• Noise level (dBA/1m): 65-75
• Enclosure: IP65
• Lubricant: service life synthetic lubricant

• 3 levels of backlash, 5 frame sizes from 42-142 mm
• Premium and precision gear design, ratios from 3-100:1
• One-piece planet carrier/output shaft, high rigidity and radial load capacity
• Hardened and ground gearing, high wear resistance and impact toughness
• One-piece ring gear/housing, high precision and torque output
• Planets with full needle bearing support
• IP65 enclosure and synthetic lubricant, maintenance-free service life

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