Planetary Gearhead - Hollow Output Shaft

Sesame Motor PGW inline planetary gearheads are designed to bolt-on linear actuator drive systems to shorten powertrain length. Dynamic balanced collar clamping mechanism to actuator and motor shaft ensuring interfaces concentricity and zero slip power transmission at high speed. High quality gears and components are utilized to create compact and rigid unit with low backlash and maintenance-free operation.
  • In-line planetary gearhead with zero slip clamping mechanism
  • Hollow output shaft and flange are ready to mount to belt or ball screw modules
  • One-piece planet carrier/output shaft
  • Alloy steel precision gears
  • Ratios up to 1000:1
  • Lubricated for life and IP65 sealing
  • Low noise, low vibration, maintenance-free under normal operating conditions

Working demo of PGW planetary gearbox and linear actuator. An extra coupling or a mounting flange is required between gearbox and shaft of actuator. Motor mounting bracket is customized as per motor flange dimension.